The purpose of this design is to: There are many studio apartments at the back gate of the UOS, but no space to live with anyone. So I wanted to design a space where close people can live together. In this diagram, Unlike ordinary share houses, you can see that groups are close to each other. The weakness of a share house is that it shares a public space with strangers. But in each group, the group members are close to each other, so there will be no discomfort sharing a public space. Therefore, each group will rent one share space. So how should the space in which this single group resides be implemented?
The expansion of space began in my room. this is my room now. The advantage of my room is that the interior is minimal, so even the same space looks relatively spacious. It is easy to use space because it has a personal veranda. However, there are also many criticisms. I thought about six things.
According to the diagram, if you keep the door, there’s no privacy. If you close the door, It’ doesn’t ventilate and the inside room is stuffy The movement into the room is monotonous To enter a room, you must go through a shared space. There is a personal veranda, but it has no characteristics and is only an extension of the room. This isn't the weakness of my room, but the electric windows from the lower floors are visible from the outside.
The space that I consider the most important is the flowing space and protected space. Flowing space means a continuous flow or wide space, not an enclosed space. Protected space must have the comfort and protection. However, they are contradictory. This is because closed spaces provide privacy protection, but open spaces do not. So I propose a module of a new room to complement the criticism and find the confrontation of ideas. Eliminate doors for continuous flow of space, and distinguish space by floor height for privacy and comfort. Instead of the veranda, they have balconies to block the outside eye. The windows were placed on both walls to facilitate ventilation. It has several routes, not just one so that people can enter the room with out passing through the public space.
Ordinary apartments have entrances, large lobbie long corridors and house like chicken coops. This is a tree structure, which is the only simple line from the outside to the room. However, the building that I designed has a semi-lattice structure, with multiple entrances and movement. the traffic is wired like a neural network through each balcony. The connected balcony gives the building a semiratis structure. About shared space, The shared space consists of three main parts. The first is the balcony. The balcony is a private space, but it is another route. The second is the space used within the group. The third is the space shared with residents and outsiders. It is located on the first floor of the building, and it is a courtyard and various facilities
How should rooms and shared spaces meet now? First of all, this picture is an example of housing module. In this building, The housing modules are all different because of balcony and different height. So we've built a prototype building with these examples.
These housing modules meet to form a new space. Regular arrangement, disorderly arrangement, chaos, and maze. Through this series of processes, the prototype building was built.
On the right side of the site, there is a commercial street and left side has a green street. Also, the four streets are the existing meeting points where many people come and go. So, the first floor was divided into spaces shared with residents and outsiders. Three boxes were planned as commercial boxes in order to enhance the connection with the commercial road. In order to increase the connectivity between the green road and the middle, the two boxes on the left were divided into open spaces. The other box is hidden away from the outside. The box is only for residents, with its main routes to the upper floors and resting spaces for residents.
Finally, the central space created by the boxes is a courtyard. If you look at the plan and cross-section views, you can look down at the courtyard from inside the room or living room. Ideas were also reflected in this garden. This garden is definitely an outer space, but it will be recognized as an interior space because it is surrounded by boxes. In other words, you can feel both the vastness of the outer space and the comfort of the interior space
As I just said, the first floor is a shared and open space and there is a movement to the upper floor. There is a house from the second floor. The balcony, as I said earlier, becomes a new route to the room.
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