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건축재료 및 재활용

건축재료, 구성부재, 조립부품에 대한 기본지식을 바탕으로 이들의 생산 및 사용원리, 관습, 규격, 적용, 제한 등을 파악하고 건축폐기물의 재생가능성과 유해성 및 규제 방식을 이해한다. Understanding of the manufacturing process and application of building materials based on the basic knowledge on characteristics of materials, building components, traditional way of usage, material standards; as well as recyclability, maleficence, and other control measure of building materials.
: 기술
: 건축재료 및 재활용
: Building Materials and Recycling
: 25

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2017 Spring
건축설계 5 :: Architectural Design 5
Studio A / Studio B / Studio C / Studio D / Studio A / Studio B / Studio C
2016 Spring

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