My renovation project is an interlocking neighborhood community archive.
Our site is facing various neighborhoods. There are Gyeongbokgung Palace and Cheong Wa Dae next to it, and it is also attached to Samcheong-dong, where there are many galleries. More broadly, it has the characteristics of being connected to Bukchon, Insa-dong, and Gwanghwamun. So our site serves as a key point to connect all these neighborhoods, and the neighborhoods we meet through our site create synergy with each other. I wanted to put the characteristics of various characteristics of neighborhoods coming together to interact and intertwine in the building.
As a new building was added to the existing building where the Publishing association Center was located, each building did not exist individually, but rather intruded each other’s mass and used it in the form of entering, meshing, and tying. The boundary between the existing building and the new building is losed through this. And the space between the mass created by the interocking acts as a bridge or terrace to experience the outside. So, we designed these masses to also get rid of the boundaries between the inside and outside.
Programs such as ibraries, archives, and research rooms were placed individual mass.And public spaces such as community rooms and gallery cafes were placed where mass interacted. Through this, I tried to change the nature of the program when passing through mass and mass. And this is a site plan.
This is the floor plan of the first, second, and third floors. Black is the existing building, and blue is the newly added building. Unlike the first floor plan where the mass is separated, in the second floor plan, you can see that the mass that was separated is connected to the bridge and terrace.
The mass that was also separated from the section plan is closely connected and you can see people moving between the mass
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