The library is filled with various books, people, purposes, temperatures. The library remains silent in order to be considerate of individual feelings and purposes. In a word, it gives a blank paper so that you can fill it up with your own time. But don't you feel more emotion while reading poetry with a glass of whiskey, or don't you feel more regretful when you face a breakup story leaning on sad music.
A library consists of books, place, librarians, and most importantly users. A library without users is like a warehouse that stores and classifies books. In most current library, such users find and read books in quiet margins and fill the margins with their own colors. I want to provide new background and experiences to users in my new library. This could be done by the library ‘stimulating users’, or ‘strengthening relationships between users’. If the existing library consists of books and silence, I try to create a stir in the library by penetrating “Music, Drink, and Communication" between them. These impact will not only affect the character of the library but also reach the emotions of users. The elements that constitute my library are divided into ‘Needs' found in reality and deficiencies and ‘Additions' that I want to add. Necessary Needs can be classified into ‘characteristics that exist on the site’ and ‘satisfying the present library’. These include books and silence, free indoor spaces, connecting the cafe district with Seoul Forest, and community spaces for nearby students and residents. Additional Wants includes 1 ‘controling a given wide site’ which I tried to solve by using axis 2 ‘elements that can directly intervene users and in space which can be doneby music and drink’, 3 ‘strengthens relationships between users by the concept of communication’ Current libraries are composed. By penetrating music drink communication, fluctuation will be created. This fluctuation doesn’t stay in one fixed line. It could move up and down that can change the proportions of the area. For instance, at early morning quiet reading spaces will be dominant, but at night the bar which is one of my program will be in high proportion. Instead of placing needs and additions in parallel, it is hoped that there will be a space for characteristics and combinations that cannot be found before in this process by overlapping them.
Set up the bar at stabe c and a music lounge and cafe at b, a new building with a community and music, and a quiet reading space at the end. On the basement and second floor, personal listening spaces, multipurpose rooms, and community rooms are arranged as an extension of the programs. Based on the location of the sunken, we set the active feeling above and below the quiet space.
Leaving the inner layer and truss of the Stable b c, the new parts used a 600mm thick column beam structure.
Main Perspective
Courtyard Perspective
Sunken Perspective
Landscape Perspective
Final Panel
Collage study
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