1. Site Analysis Through analysing project site and origianl building through two weeks, I realized origianl building is not well connected with surrounding ladnscape, and also blocking sunlight because of its heights. So I ended up with idea that new building that can well blended with surround nature, and open up the project site.
2. Section Collage & Concpet Plaster Based on what I learned during first two week, I want new building with new circulation and different atmosphere. And using that auditorium's stairs of original building, I wanted to make people come across each other and connect each floor by using stairs.
3. Program & Circulation The most thing I wanted to convey while making new circulation was that new circulation makes flow between basement floor and ground floor, and making contrast between that two main floors. So I made floor like a layer, and assigned programs to each layers.
So I made stages to each layer, making each stages' characteristics different, so people visiting here can walk around whole building.
4. Floor plan & section
5. Tectonics To make new layers to the building, I used Reinforced steel concrete to make new slabs on existing concrete sturcture. I preserved exsiting columns but changed rest of the structure
6. Inclusive Design Original building's main entrance was up above many stairs. so I changed original main entrance, making new one that make people can enter this building without using main stairs, while maintaining original one, too. Inside of the building, installed wheelchair lift and elevator, people with wheelchair can freely explore this place. Furthurmore, the ramp located in 1F is made with accessible angle for handicaped people.
7. External & Internal view
8. Model
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