AT GRANDMA‘S The place for all the children, that want to spend their time after school exploring different possibilities in inspirational enviroment. This center is made for whole spectrum of personalities from introverts to extroverts and all the activities they could chose to do according to their daily needs. Children‘s community center provides spaces for plays, sports and games, it is equiped with more guiet private spaces for reading or studying. Adult supervisors are there to lead educational courses, cooking classes and help children with their homework or problemsin their daily life. There are special rooms, where individual session can be held for psychological support or tutoring. Building is renovated with idea of few opposition completing each other. Beacuse of focus on all the kid‘s personalities it follows the urgency of shared and private rooms in one space. The first impression of the building is welcoming and open, yet it still offers shielded safety. Clean coloring in the interior and play with curves that are following simple rules are keeping the enviroment playfull and allows children to express their identity.
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