This is a general room where young people live. This room is a personal space, but it has many disadvantage. I suggest a new room module. Remove the door of the room and separate the shared space from the room through the floor height. If so, privacy and openness can be achieved. I think shared space should have naturalness, not purpose. So I used a semiratis structure, not a tree structure, so that people could encounter as much and as naturally as possible.
In according to with our urban strategy, the right side of the site is a commercial road. And the buildings near the site is relatively low.
Courtyard is surrounded by buildings and has several entrances. Surrounded courtyard, it gives residents the impression that it is their own front yard, making it more frequent and more accessible to residents. Windows in private rooms are all looking elsewhere, making it easy to protect your privacy.
The balcony was designed to be step-by-step not corridor so that all the shared spaces could be seen each other. the balcony of the uppermost floor also shows the balcony and the courtyard. This makes it a place where people can greet and chat with each other even if they pass the balcony downstairs. Also, the balcony is not narrow and wide, so it serves as a common space like a alley as well as a moving line . The windows in the room consist of folding doors and sliding doors, so people easily can make their space.
Through the analysis of the site, the first floor on the right was equipped with commercial facilities and was built slightly higher than other buildings.
This building is used by FCW system. The structure supports buildings with columns and bearing walls and Flat plate. The balcony used a column-beam structure to give it a light feeling. A thin steel column made the balcony feel as if it were floating in the air.
The exterior of the building is restrained by using white exposed concrete panels and steel frames.
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