the theme of my building is traditional korean science library. Traditional Korean science was not noticed well before, but nowadays,it is being re-examined especially astronomy. Experts say that astronomical records in the Joseon dynasty not only help with statistical analysis of celestial phenomena, but also help study the characteristics of the solar system and our galaxy. Korean traditional science has developed around measurement technology and astronomy. This is because Joseon Dynasty was developed based on the agricultural society, so it is very close to nature, mainly the sky and the earth. astronomy also has developed because it was considered important. it played a symbolic role in revealing the authority of the dynasty.
Seoullo has so many place for Korean culture. it has various facilities for people like stage, exhibition hall for Korean artists, and stores selling Korean food. this library will be placed at the end of the seoullo and I think this library will be a new place of seoullo. There were many different kinds of plants in Seoullo and malli-dong square. I wanted to bring that plants to this new public library which can be part of Seoullo. I have the idea of making a huge tree at the end of Seoullo. (There are various cultural place in Seoullo. so decided to choose something that can represent Korean cultures but not here at the moment. so T I chose Korean traditional science and technology.)
Measuring and observing cannot be accomplished by reading a book alone. so I decided to distinguish a space for experiencing and exploring from static reading place. I divided the main space into two main categories. they are passive and active. here are section and pictures of interior view. in section, space like a chimney is passive space. first and second from left is exhibition space and the right one is observing place. upper side is real astronomical observation and bottom is virtual astronomical observation space The picture on the left is active space and right one is passive space. active space is a public space where people can move a lot and experience it directly with the hands or the body. On the other hand, Passive space is more private, has little movement and it's a space for the activities of viewing and reading with the eyes. active space surrounded the passive spaces.
here is the axonometric section. I described the passive spaces and the active spaces with people who use the furniture from the building. people can use this building as a furniture. they can pick a book from the hexagonal bookshelf and read it in the hexagonal units, and they can pull out chairs from the building.
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