Hanok Village Library In Design Studio, I am designing Hanok Village Library in Bukcheon. Concept of my library is Traditional Urban Housing(도시형한옥) and the village, so I put some elements that I interpreted in modernistic way from Hanok village; alleys, different views along the circulation, volume, 마당, 처마. The library is reinforced concrete structure. It has 11000mm span maximum, the beam is 7500mm. When the beam support 처마 in 마당 which is outside of the building, it makes 처마 thick. I wanted the 처마 to bring real 처마 image from Hanok. It had to be thin and has small 서까래 pieces instead of massive concrete beams. It should be 3000mm of cantilever and strong enough to bear people walking on it. Structural System Steel beam can be an alternative. It is strong enough even it is smaller than concrete beam. I decide to add encased steel I-beams in concrete beams and it holds small I-beams; 서까래. 서까래 beams are 3000mm long, joint part is 180mm high and the edge of it is 150mm. I put the beams every 1500mm so those beams can be 3000mm long. 서까래 beams and encased beams are attached by plates, bolts and welding.
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