This project is to design the Samcheong-dong Library, and I wanted to design a Movie Library where I could borrow movies and see the original books. I wanted to give the right light to the space for reading and renting books and the right darkness for watching movies at the back. And that's the concept of a building that's different from other materials along the central stairway. So what I was thinking about with this system was the front part of the Facade. As I was thinking about the Facade system, I was thinking about how to give more transparency and lightness while supporting the windows. And to do that, I tried to use a glass frame to support it through glass-glass-face bonding. I thought four way points (called spider points) to solve the lateral force. At first, I thought of iron frame + spider point and alternating glass frame. Fortunately, I found out that I was able to attach this point to a glass frame, so I decided to glass all the frames and join this one.
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