People are always trying to find some places to hang out when they have spare time. In that process, they expect ‘extraordinary’ things which get people to spend money. That consumption is kind of a whip to make the target special. If the target loses the extraordinary features, that won’t be a destination in weekend, a food to eat anymore.
In that urban context, the museum has a potential to be a great target to spend money and time. The contects in the museum are changing, so people get to experience the new spaces and contents every single time they change.
However, the museums in Korea are too strict to enjoy. They are not good to spend a long time for every generations. They show off their cultural superiority by their shape and taking a role of a simbol or a landmark in urban society.
I propose a museum which is strongly related to daily life. I want to make a good ‘box’ which can rebound to the contents inside and make people to enjoy the ‘extraordinary atmosphere’ whether they are inside or outside of the museum.
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