Baths on the Dongjak Bridge
There are some places nowhere to belong in the city. Those are usually abandoned because they are blocked by transportation infrastructures and nobody use. There is a place called North side of Dongjak Bridge which is abandoned owing to suspension of construction. Now in there, there are diverse existing layers which are not for human. So I want to propose new layers for pedestrian and baths as using the feeling which is a moment to get down through the highway. There are two conflicting atmospheres based on the highway that the upper part is noisy and strong light while the bottom part is calm and gentle light. I tried to leave the atmosphere of existing highway and create new pedestrian layers through the sequence. Now, this place can not use from anyone because it is extremely isolated and surrounding transportation infrastructures. But by escaping the island as a family leisure facility, it will turn into places for people.
크리에이티브 커먼즈 라이선스
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